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Reset Larvelfaucet

There were many bots and cheaters in recent days, we were forced to change the algorithm which is not possible to update with current version of the site.
1. we'll delete all inactive and banned users
2. Users who are active will not be deleted. You can continue to uses the site as usual.
All banned and inactive users need to register again to use the site. this is hard for us but due to hundreds of mails everyday for unbanning in which real users also get affected.
Site will be reset and all inactive users will be deleted on oct 14th


Don't use browsers like brave, UC browser, yandex, miui browser, samsung browser, etc.. Try to use only unversal standard browsers.
We recommend to use chrome or firefox with latest versions.

Bonus - Popads

We have added few popads in the site. To give extra benifits to users we have added 10% extra earnings to all shorturls. You could see the modified token value in the shortlinks page.
We will further increase the earnings after we get the earnings from popads.


As per the previous news on email verification, it is made compulsory that only users who verified their email addresses will be allowed to withdraw balance from today(May 21st, 2019). You can verify email address from your profile page.


All users are required to verify their email address from their profile page before 20th May 2019. From 21st, only verified users will be allowed to withdraw from their balance. you can update your email address in profile page before verifying.

Inactive users
Suspending and removing activities - 15 days
Removing referrals - 30days

Users can contact us anytime to reactivate your account, but activities or referrals will not be restored after the deadline. Don't try to create multiple accounts which leads to ban of both accounts


We have introduced one more way to earn for the users.

Advertisers can add ptc ads from ads manager here


1. Not crediting in offerwalls - solved
2. Wallet address change - Give valid reason and new address in contact request. without reason and new address contact request will be ignored
3. multiple accounts - Give clear reason why you created multiple accounts else mails and contact request will be ignored. Don't reply "i don't have another account" give reason for the the second account creation to get unbanned.
4. Invalid shorturl visits - We made a change to check every visits instead of checking at the time of withdraw.
5. contact us - Questions without explaining the things you did will be mostly ignored and not replied



We have added adscendmedia, wannads, pollfish surveys in the offer wall page.
Now users have an extra option to get tokens from larvelfaucet, 11% referral earnings from offerwalls too

Soon we'll have hideout tv in watch videos section

Good luck and happy Earnings

Video wall and Design change

Good news
We have changed the menu design a bit and added a video wall to earn more you can see the details of how to earn in in the video page here
11% referral earnings as usual for video earnings too

Offer walls - Soon we gonna introduce offerwals like wannaads, adscendmedia, minutesstaff, etc...

Good luck and happy Earnings


Many shortlinks did not pay us so we removed those, If you know some shorturls with good reputation send those urls to us through contact form. we'll check and add them

Shortlinks list

since yesterday there were issue in showing the shorturls, which
is solved now.
You can claim


Don't try any scripts or extensions to claim from us even once. Some users did this after few withdraws, when they got banned.
Sometimes our algorithm too fails, (just a piece of code) only at that time mails us if you haven't done anything wrong. We will reply to those who were wrongly banned. Scammer and cheaters will never get a reply from us.

You'll get paid without hassle instantly till you play genuine

Terms of service

Many ask for tos, whatever affects the faucet is not allowed Like using scripts, VPN, Proxy, adblock, multi-accounts, etc... All these will get your account suspended and payouts stopped.
Contact us only if you haven't done anything wrong, other emails will be ignored.