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Need suggestion And Change Wallet address

We got too many request to change wallet address, which we couldn't handle.
1. You can change your address from profile page by requesting access to change. Click on the link from the mail you received to change address.

2. If you guys like some other ways to earn from larvelfaucet, Fill the form below


After implementing instant payouts to faucetpay and expresscrypto, Too many cheaters and scammers on the site. we are working hard to fight them. So support might be little late to reply for next few days.

1. Changing wallet address in restricted, Since too many users reported of their account hacked. So that even if someone gets your password, they can't withdraw to their own address.

2. If you wanna change your address, open a support ticket. We'll change them not before 2 days.

3. Offerwalls - If you get pending after completing the offers wait for 2 days, it'll be approved. If not approved after 2 days open a support ticket. Same days support quires will not be answered.

4. Contest - Time to time we'll be running contests which can be viewed here Contests

Introducing Faucet

We introduced hourly faucet (nearly reworked free energy).
Get upto 2000 coins every hour. You get 10% referral commission too. Visit here faucet page
For game users nothing changed much, You get same value of coins which you can convert to energy if needed.

Site updates

# Instant payout to expresscrypto and faucetpay with no minimum threshold is implemented with max of 3 payment request per day.

# Direct wallet withdraw remains unchanged

# After analyzing the referral contest result, we need to change few things regards referral commission. It's been rolled back to 10% as it was before.

# Due to many cheaters we decided to rollback the referral commission earned from that particular referral when caught cheating.

# Add your expresscrypto user id in profile page. you can't enter them while withdraw as it was before

Payment Methods | Support

Important : Support will not be available for next 4 days.

We need your opinion on withdraw methods. After 3 days maximum selected option will be implemented

Fixed Tasks Completing

Balances adding when completing Tasks (AsiaMag and JungleSurvey) had been fixed.

All the users who completed tasks until now have been credited with the rewards they earned from Tasks.

Cancel Withdraw

Many users opened support ticket to cancel their withdraws and get back coins. Which became tedious for us, so we have given the users option to cancel their withdraw.
Click "view all withdraws" in profile page, All pending payments can be cancelled .

Good News - Withdraw Threshold

Withdraw minimum is reduced to 50000 coins.

As we calculated Approx an user can get 10000 coins per day by doing 1. shorturls 2. PTC Ads 3. Jungleofferwall 4. Asia mag offerwall 5. Mining game

All these doesn't need to be in tier 1 countries, this possibility is for members of all over the world. Reaching minimum withdraw would be easier to achieve within a week.

Threshold applies for all types of payment methods.

Happy earning

Referrals | Free enerygy | Expresscrypto | Daily Rewards | PTC Ads | Shorturl Feedback

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It was exciting weeks for us; many new features and changes been made on LarvelFaucet. Here is the list of features

1. Referral Commission
We have increased referral commission from 10% to 20%. Referral commissions are added instantly now, previously it was added only after the referral withdraw. Get your referral url from here.

2. Free Energy (Game)
Now you get energy by claiming from faucet every hour upto 2000 energy. Alternately you can buy energy through coins also. We will be introducing more ways and other options to make the game interesting and increase earnings from game in upcoming days

3. Expresscrypto
Withdraw to expresscrypto is added with the same waiting period as direct wallet. Add expresscrypto unique id in wallet address if you choose expresscrypto as withdraw option. Withdraw will be processed within 7 days, usually we process payments in 48 hours. We will add faucetpay also an option to withdraw in near future.

4. Daily Rewards
We have introduced daily rewards which resets everyday at UTC 00.00, where you get rewarded coins just for doing ususl tasks on LarvelFaucet. Visite here to see the rewards of the day.

6. PTC Ads (Advertising)
New small PTC ads with 5 seconds view and lowerd the minimum view of 100. Now you can purchase PTC views for just 500 sats or 8000 coins. To advertise in PTC section visit here.

7. Shorturl Feedback
There is Feedback button below every short urls in which you can slide from 1 to 10 : 1 - very easy and 10 - very hard. you can change your rating anytime by clicking the feedback button. We constantly collet feedback to remove or alter shorturl position in future.

Stay tuned for more feature to come by in the new year.

Offerwall | Game | Expresscrypto | Withdraw time

Its been little long after the chaos (closing of faucethub). We just needed to tweak few things, which is done now. More good news and earning options to users. Little fun added by introducing mining game which is still in beta. Expect more changes and options to earn in future. We are committed to last long.

1. New offer-wall Adgem, Users have one more options to earn.

2. New Mining game has be implemented For game visit For FAQ of the game

3. Expresscrypto - Withdraw will be available from Jan 1st

4. Withdraw time - Payments will be made within 7 to 15 days, Let's see how things go and reduce the withdraw time and threshold after few weeks.

Thanks for staying with LarvelFaucet.

Minimum Withdraw - 150000 tokens

Since many users asked to reduce minimum withdraw tokens, We considered it and reduced to 150000 tokens.
We'll introduce more ways to earn in near future, which would help users reach payout value faster.
Using other microwallet service is also in consideration, We are looking for trusted service. We'll let you know as soon as possible.

Withdrawal Update

From now on, withdrawal are only available to direct wallets. Also minimum withdrawal limit has been allotted as 300,000 Tokens. We will try to reduce the minimum withdrawal limit of 300,000 Tokens.

Note: We understand that many of you have different addresses for your direct wallets as many of you send contact requests regarding same. So now, updating addresses are open and you can update anytime, except addresses that are being used by other members. Be cautious while updating address while withdrawal is initiated to wrong address, we can not help you.

Faucethub Discontinue

Since Faucethub is closing we decided to give direct payout to blockchain until we find a trustable alternate microwallet service.

We'll introduce a threshold like minimum coins to withdraw since we don't have a better alternate, Complete details of transition will be updated here in few days.
Till 27th November you can withdraw to faucethub. Within December 1st direct wallet withdraw will be implemented

Reset Larvelfaucet

There were many bots and cheaters in recent days, we were forced to change the algorithm which is not possible to update with current version of the site.
1. we'll delete all inactive and banned users
2. Users who are active will not be deleted. You can continue to uses the site as usual.
All banned and inactive users need to register again to use the site. this is hard for us but due to hundreds of mails everyday for unbanning in which real users also get affected.
Site will be reset and all inactive users will be deleted on oct 14th


Don't use browsers like brave, UC browser, yandex, miui browser, samsung browser, etc.. Try to use only unversal standard browsers.
We recommend to use chrome or firefox with latest versions.

Bonus - Popads

We have added few popads in the site. To give extra benifits to users we have added 10% extra earnings to all shorturls. You could see the modified token value in the shortlinks page.
We will further increase the earnings after we get the earnings from popads.


As per the previous news on email verification, it is made compulsory that only users who verified their email addresses will be allowed to withdraw balance from today(May 21st, 2019). You can verify email address from your profile page.


All users are required to verify their email address from their profile page before 20th May 2019. From 21st, only verified users will be allowed to withdraw from their balance. you can update your email address in profile page before verifying.

Inactive users
Suspending and removing activities - 15 days
Removing referrals - 30days

Users can contact us anytime to reactivate your account, but activities or referrals will not be restored after the deadline. Don't try to create multiple accounts which leads to ban of both accounts


We have introduced one more way to earn for the users.

Advertisers can add ptc ads from ads manager here


1. Not crediting in offerwalls - solved
2. Wallet address change - Give valid reason and new address in contact request. without reason and new address contact request will be ignored
3. multiple accounts - Give clear reason why you created multiple accounts else mails and contact request will be ignored. Don't reply "i don't have another account" give reason for the the second account creation to get unbanned.
4. Invalid shorturl visits - We made a change to check every visits instead of checking at the time of withdraw.
5. contact us - Questions without explaining the things you did will be mostly ignored and not replied



We have added adscendmedia, wannads, pollfish surveys in the offer wall page.
Now users have an extra option to get tokens from larvelfaucet, 11% referral earnings from offerwalls too

Soon we'll have hideout tv in watch videos section

Good luck and happy Earnings

Video wall and Design change

Good news
We have changed the menu design a bit and added a video wall to earn more you can see the details of how to earn in in the video page here
11% referral earnings as usual for video earnings too

Offer walls - Soon we gonna introduce offerwals like wannaads, adscendmedia, minutesstaff, etc...

Good luck and happy Earnings


Many shortlinks did not pay us so we removed those, If you know some shorturls with good reputation send those urls to us through contact form. we'll check and add them

Shortlinks list

since yesterday there were issue in showing the shorturls, which
is solved now.
You can claim


Don't try any scripts or extensions to claim from us even once. Some users did this after few withdraws, when they got banned.
Sometimes our algorithm too fails, (just a piece of code) only at that time mails us if you haven't done anything wrong. We will reply to those who were wrongly banned. Scammer and cheaters will never get a reply from us.

You'll get paid without hassle instantly till you play genuine

Terms of service

Many ask for tos, whatever affects the faucet is not allowed Like using scripts, VPN, Proxy, adblock, multi-accounts, etc... All these will get your account suspended and payouts stopped.
Contact us only if you haven't done anything wrong, other emails will be ignored.
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