Introducing Levels to all members. All acitivities you do on LarvelFaucet will gain you Activity Points(AP) which will give you bonus coins while withdrawing.
Supported Crypto-currencies
Currently, there are three crypto-currencies supported in LarvelFaucet. Bitcoin(BTC), LiteCoins(LTC) and DogeCoin(DOGE).
Supported Platforms
You can withdraw your earnings in any of the above given Crypto-currencies to below platforms:
  • Direct Wallet
  • Wallet
  • Wallet
  • Minimum coins required to initiate withdrawal is 50,000 in all Crypto-currencies for Direct Wallets.
  • No minimum limit for ExpressCrypto and FaucetPay.
  • You can withdraw to the maximum of 3 times a day.
  • Your withdrawal will be completed within 7 business days from the date of your initalization for Direct Wallets.
  • Withdrawals below 150, 000 to ExpressCrypto and FaucetPay will be INSTANT.
  • Withdrawals above 150, 000 to ExpressCrypto and FaucetPay will be completed withing 7 business days from the date of your initialization.
  • For ExpressCrypto and FaucetPay, 2% withdraw fee will be deducted from your balance and payment will be sent to the remaining coins
  • You can not initiate withdrawal if you have any pending withdrawal.
  • You can not initiate withdrawal if your previous withdrawal is under review
Cancellation & Notifications
  • You can cancel your Withdrawal at anytime while it is in Pending status. Your Coins will be credited to your main balance after cancelling the request.
  • Email notifications will not be sent in case of instant withdraw. For non-instant withdraws, email notifications will be sent once the payment is completed.
Types of Miners
There are four types are miners are available for users to mine. Each miner has it's own levels in which production of coins and energy consumption would differ. You can see next level rates on upgrade miner container.
Name Production/Hour Energy Consumption/Hour Maximum Level
Vegas 480 35 20 30
RTX 2080 130 45 10
GPU Rig 210 95 8
ASIC Miner 380 150 6

Production of Coins

Energy is neccessary for the production of coins. Every hour, miner will consume the required energy to produce respective coins. Coin Production depends on level of the miner and energy that miner currently has.

Production Depreciation will occur at every hour based on the energy left in the miner. Each hour, the production will depreciate by 10% if the energy is not full. Each miner can have energy to run upto 8 hours.

For example, if the production of miner is 40 per hour, the second hour production will be 90% of the given production rate which is 36 .

What is Energy

Energy powers the miner to produce coins. Each miner can have upto 8 hours of energy given per hour. You can fill energy after one hour of filling energy to miner.

You can keep unlimited energy at you energy storage. You can fill energy to your miner only from the energy storage. You can purchase energy at any time any amount. Keep an eye on energy storage, it is always advisable to calculate conversion rate of your balance coins and energy and purchase when you get good conversion rate. Conversion rate changes with lot of parameters and is persionalized to each user. You can see the conversion rate in energy purchase container for current details.

Upgrading Miners

Upgarding miners will give you more production with less energy consumption. Each miner has it's own maximum level which have been mentioned in above table. Upgraded values will be calculatd from the current values of the upgrading miner. Upgrading miners will have the following production and energy consumption:

Name Production Energy Consumption
Vegas 480 +1% -2%
RTX 2080 +1.5% -2.5%
GPU Rig +2% -3%
ASIC Miner +2% -3%

Miners Health

Miners will start their life as healthy as 100%; although they tend to detroit as it produces coins. You can view your miner's health below level information on each miner. Once your miner's health goes to 0, it'll expire and you will lose it forever. Your miners will automatically gain health whenever you upgrade those miners.

  • Buying new Miners will have 125% of their Purchase price as their Production Health.
  • Upgrading Miners will increase your Production health by 125% of your Upgrade Price.
  • Acitivities you do on LarvelFaucet, including ShortLinks, PTC Views, Tasks, Offerwalls, etc., will increase some percentage of all of your Miner's health.
  • Once any Miner hit health to 0%, it'll automatically be destroyed and you won't own it anymore.

Best practise to collect coins from miners
  • Upgrading Miners and Filling Energy to miners will automatically collect the prduced coins to your balance.
  • Collecting Coins will reset the timer and will be started over to produce.
  • It is best practise to keep eye on timer and not waste lot of time.
  • If 10:00 mins have passed since last collection or hour, if you refill or upgrade it now, the 10:00 mins will be lost and timer will start from the start.
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