Complete tasks and earn upto 2,500!
Supported Crypto-currencies
Currently, there are three crypto-currencies supported in LarvelFaucet. Bitcoin(BTC), LiteCoins(LTC) and DogeCoin(DOGE).
Supported Platforms
You can withdraw your earnings in any of the above given Crypto-currencies to below platforms:
  • Direct Wallet
  • Wallet
  • Minimum coins required to initiate withdrawal is 150,000 in all Crypto-currencies for Direct Wallets.
  • No minimum limit for FaucetPay.
  • You can withdraw to the maximum of 3 times a day.
  • Your withdrawal will be completed within 7 business days from the date of your initalization for Direct Wallets.
  • Withdrawals below 150, 000 to FaucetPay will be INSTANT.
  • Withdrawals above 150, 000 to FaucetPay will be completed withing 7 business days from the date of your initialization.
  • For FaucetPay, 2% withdraw fee will be deducted from your balance and payment will be sent to the remaining coins
  • You can not initiate withdrawal if you have any pending withdrawal.
  • You can not initiate withdrawal if your previous withdrawal is under review
Cancellation & Notifications
  • You can cancel your Withdrawal at anytime while it is in Pending status. Your Coins will be credited to your main balance after cancelling the request.
  • Email notifications will not be sent in case of instant withdraw. For non-instant withdraws, email notifications will be sent once the payment is completed.
Withdraw Statuses
  • Processing: Your payment is under process and will be finished instantly. Instant withdraws should not take more than 5 minutes to get to your selected Microwallet (FaucetPay). If your withdraw is in "Processing" status for more than 10 minutes, it is probably the problem with Microwallet service Providers. In this case, the particular withdraw will be re-processed next day automatically by the system. Longer processing time on your withdraw usually happens when the services like FaucetPay have their server down or their API server didn't respond in time. We advice you to check your Microwallet site before withdrawing to avoide this type of delay in your Payments.
  • Pending: Your payment is not being processed and will be processed manually. Mostly, all payments requested to "Direct Wallet" will be marked pending as it has to be manually processed with in 7 working days after request.
  • Under-review: Your payment is suspicious and will be manually reviewed by our team. Our High-end Anti-Cheating algorithm monitors every activity you do on LarvelFaucet. If any of your activity has been suspected to be not legitimate, your withdraw will be flagged for manual review. If you think otherwise, you can always contact us by submitting Support Ticket.
  • Completed: Your payment had been successfully sent to the Payment method you have requested.
Mining game in LarvelFaucet is just a game. No mining activities are happening in background. We just wanted you to give you some entertainment interactive platform to earn extra coins. Your production are directly going into your main balance as real coins and you can convert coins into energy from your balance. Currently, there is no limit for the conversion of coins into energy. However, energy can not be converted back into your balance.

For more details on Game, click here.

  • Your balance will be credited whenever the completed Offerwall provider pings our system. As we don't have any control over any Offerwall providers, we can not guarantee you the time to update your balance.
  • After completing Offerwall, if you see your activity with status "Pending" on the completed Offerwall in our Activity page, submit a ticket in support center.
  • After completing Offerwall, if you don't see your activity on the Activity Page, you should contact the Offerwall directly for the solution.
  • Before contacting the Offerwall provider, we would recommend you to take the following steps to save your precious time:
    • Wait for a while. Although most Offerwalls credit your balance instantly, few of them would take time to credit your Coins(mostly one hour and upto weeks) depends on the Offer and Offerwall Provider.
    • It is always good to take a Screenshot when you complete any Offer which will help you to prove that you have actually completed the Offer in further communication with Offerwall Provider.
If you dont have any activity for 60 consecutive days, your account will be resetted. Which will make
  • Your balance to 0
  • Your referral Earnings to 0
  • Your referrals will be removed from you
Fair Play
We believe in fair-play and we want all our members to respect that. We strongly recommend each member to have one account so that everyone in the platform benefits from LarvelFaucet. Having multiple accounts will be punished by permanent termination of all of your accounts and forfeiting all your balances.
Members are strictly forbidden to use any kinf of Proxy including Proxies, VPNs, etc., If our system detects that you are using Proxy and if you don't believe that you are, then your ISP can be having issues. We use to check proxies, you can verify your IP there to confirm.
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