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Mining Game - Guide

Important Points to keep in Mind:
  • Buying new Miners will have 125% of their Purchase price as their Production Health.
  • Upgrading Miners will increase your Production health by 125% of your Upgrade Price.
  • Miners above level 2 will be downgraded 1 level when health is 0%. Miners level 1 will removed.
  • Acitivities you do on LarvelFaucet, including ShortLinks, PTC Views, Tasks, Offerwalls, etc., will increase some percentage of all of your Miner's health.
  • Once any Miner hit health to 0%, it'll automatically be destroyed and you won't own it anymore.

About Game

Mining game in LarvelFaucet is just a game. No mining activities are happening in background. We just wanted you to give you some entertainment interactive platform to earn extra coins. Your production are directly going into your main balance as real coins and you can convert coins into energy from your balance. Currently, there is no limit for the conversion of coins into energy. However, energy can not be converted back into your balance.

Miners & Energy

Miners will consume certain amount of energy and produce certain amount of Coins for you to collect every hour. You can view your Energy consumption rate and coins production rate at the top of each miner and the remining time to next production will also be shown at the top of each miner.

Energy powers the miner to produce coins. Each miner can have upto 8 hours of energy given per hour. You can fill energy after one hour of filling energy to miner.

You can keep unlimited energy at you energy storage. You can fill energy to your miner only from the energy storage. You can purchase energy at any time any amount. Keep an eye on energy storage, it is always advisable to calculate conversion rate of your balance coins and energy and purchase when you get good conversion rate. Conversion rate changes with lot of parameters and is persionalized to each user. You can see the conversion rate in energy purchase container for current details.

Currently,we have 4 types of miners with their own Energy Consumption and Production Rates. The Energy and Coins given in the below table are base statistics, which means, they have this settings at level 1.

Name Production / Hour Energy Consumption / Hour
Vegas 480 35 20
RTX 2080 130 45
GPU Rig 210 95
ASIC Miner 380 150

Miner production will depreciate by 10% if energy is not at 100% at every hour. So it is always advised to keep your energy at 100% in your miners.

Miner Levels

You need to have atleast 5% health remaining on your Miner to upgrade the particular miner. Each miner has its own maximum levels that you can upgrade. After attaining the maximum available level, you can not upgrade further more. The maximum levels for miners are:

Name Maximum Level Upgrading Price / Level
Vegas 480 30 10,000
RTX 2080 10 50,000
GPU Rig 8 150,000
ASIC Miner 6 500,000

Miner's efficiency will increase at each level. Efficiency increases so that the Production per hour will increase and at the same time, Energy consumed per hour will reduce. Each miner type has its own ratio of efficiencies as below:

Name Production Energy Consumption
Vegas 480 +1% -2%
RTX 2080 +1.5% -2.5%
GPU Rig +2% -3%
ASIC Miner +2% -3%

Miner Health/Profit

Before understanding Health of a miner, you must understand what is Profit from your miner. The Profit from a miner is calculated based on Total Collection you have made minus the energy you have spent on each collection. For example, if you collected 100 and spent 40 in the process, your profit is 60(not 100).

Every miner has been designed to give you at the least of 125% on profit of Coins you spent on purchase.
At level 1, for Vegas 480 miner, your base health would be 125,000 in profit.

For all activities you do on LarvelFaucet including but not limited to ShortLinks, PTC Views, Tasks, Offerwalls, will increase your health of All you Miners by some percantage. Theorectically, your miners can never die if you do enough activities on LarvelFaucet.

Production Depreciation will occur at every hour based on the energy left in the miner. Each hour, the production will depreciate by 10% if the energy is not full. Each miner can have energy to run upto 8 hours.

Miner Expiry/Destruction

Only level 1 miners will be expired once the Health becomes 0%.

From Level 2; the Health will be increased by 62.5%( 50% of 125%) to your miner which will be shown as 100% of Health. And, once your health goes to 0%, miner will be downgraded to the previous level and Health will be added by another 62.5% (remaining 50% of 125%). For example, for a level 5 miner, if health becomes 0, then the miner will be downgraded to level 4 and health will be added by 62.5% of your Upgrade Price.

Users can destroy their miner at any point of time by paying the Upgrade Price of that Miner. Destroying miner is irreversible and once destroyed you can not get back your miner or any pending coins produced and energy stored on that miner.

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