Complete tasks and earn upto 2,500!
How to Play Game

Each user has been allotted 8 Miner slots to them. Thus, maximum number of miners a user can own is 8! Choose your miners wisely. Don't worry of wrong decisions, you can remove any miner at any point of time from your slot.

Default Dashboard

As mentioned above, your dashboard will have 8 slots to put your miners. You can only fill one by one by buying new miner for the first available slot.

Types of Miners

There are 4 types of Miners supported now.

More details about miners are mentioned at FAQ section whereas go and know more.

Buying Miner

Click the button "Buy Miner" which will open the section where you can buy the miners.

You will get popup with list of miners along with other details about the miners. You can select any miner from the list and the price will be deducted from your balance directly.

After purchasing your miner, it'll be added to your first available slot just like mentioned in the below image.

Buy Energy

Energy is important source for miners to produce coins. Without energy, your miners will be idle and wont give any coins at all.

Click buy energy button and it leads to the new pop up where you can buy energy.

If you run out of coins to convert to energy, you can always buy coins. Your coins will be instantly deposited to your main balance once we receive confirmation.

Note: Price of energy from Coins is completely personlaized and will change for each user. Keep an eye to the conversion rate and get as more energy as possible.

Fill Energy & Collect Produced Coins

Once the energy fills up into the miner, the details about cost of energy and coins production rate will be added into the miner as per the type of miner and it will start its production. You can collect the coins every one hour and the coins will be added directly into your wallet. The miner will produce the coins until its energy becomes 0.

Energy cost and coins production rate will be deprecated mildly for every hour and energy also will be decreased from its full state to empty state. Meanwhile you can refill the energy into the miner and it will refresh the miner to start new production. While refreshing the miner, collectable coins will be added automatically into your wallet. Follow the images mentioned below

Click the fill energy button

Energy filled

Production Started

Collect Coins

Refill Energy

Refilled and production collected

Upgrading Miners

In case if your miner needs to yield more then you should level up your miner. Here the four miners has its maximum levels, you can upgrade them level to level up to attain its maximum level.

Upgraded miners will produce more coins and consumes less rate of energy for every hour. Also it will refresh the miner to start new production whenever it has been upgraded. Let’s see picture representation for upgrade

No. of level out of its maximum

Click Upgrade button

After upgraded

Destroying Miners

Currently there will be only 8 slots for every user. You can destroy the miner any time for new one or to buy another type of miner it’s up to your wish. Destroy will always costs a certain amount of coins otherwise it can’t be destroyed. Follow the image representation below

Before Destroy

Click here to destroy

After miner destroyed

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